Terms & Policies

By enrolling at The Range LC you are agreeing to our terms and policies as outlined below.

Payment, Cancellation, Refund and Attendance Policy

Our teaching practitioners reserve time on their schedules, plan for individual lessons, and invest in the long-term development of each student. To provide regular, quality lessons, the following policy needs to be observed. In scheduling lessons with The Ranges Learning Centre, you are agreeing to the attendance, payment and cancellation policy below:

  • Cancellation of a lesson must be made AT LEAST 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson time to receive a make-up lesson.
  • Cancellations will only be observed if alerted in person, via telephone, voice message, text message or email. All cancellations are to be directed to the centre director (not the teaching practitioners).
  • Any lessons cancelled at least 24 hours ahead of the scheduled lesson will receive a make-up lesson at a time convenient to both the teaching practitioner and the student. This make-up lesson will not be skipped over or added to the next term’s lessons.
  • Make-up lessons take place at an alternate (me/day within the same term. Make-up lessons will not necessarily be with your child’s regular teaching practitioner. Make-up lessons will not be offered during term breaks. Make-up lessons cannot be forfeited in lieu of a deduction from the next term’s fees. If a make-up lesson cannot be organised by the centre director, a refund will be provided.
  • If you know of dates ahead of (me where your child cannot make a lesson, please notify The Ranges LC when booking your lessons so that your invoice can be changed accordingly.
  • No more than 2 cancellations per term. Third and subsequent cancellations will be considered forfeited lessons.
  • No shows or failure to notify The Ranges LC within 24 hours is considered a forfeited lesson.
  • There are NO refunds on unused or cancelled lessons. Unused or cancelled lessons cannot be transferred to a sibling.
  • There will be a refund for a session if the teacher has to cancel the session.
  • Should you decide to stop taking lessons altogether, please give the centre director 2 lessons’ notice. By giving notice we are able to offer a place to the next waiting student before the term/year begins.
  • Payment must be by one of two methods: either by weekly direct debit (as explained below) - or by full payment in advance for each term via EFT (to be received by us by the end of the first week of the term).
  • 20% late fees will be charged to all payments over two (2) weeks overdue.
  • Please ensure your child arrives on time, as time missed due to lateness cannot be made up.
By enrolling at The Range LC you are agreeing to this Payment, Cancellation, Refund and Attendance Policy.

Direct Debit Policy

Direct debiting will work as follows:

  • The day before the first scheduled lesson of the week you will be sent an automated invoice.
  • The invoice will be connected to GoCardless, the direct debiting system that we are using. The invoice will state that the payment will be made on that day, however the payment will not actually go through to the following day.
  • On the day of the first lesson of the week, you will be debited the invoice amount. Please note that on your bank statement, the payment will appear as GoCardless.
  • GoCardless charges a transaction fee.
  • This will be an automated process that will continue for the duration of the term.
  • If you choose to discontinue lessons during the term this process will be suspended.
By enrolling at The Range LC you are agreeing to this Direct Debit Policy.

Bushfire Policy


The new Fire Danger Ratings as of September 2022.

There are four levels of fire danger in the new system:

  • Moderate - Plan and prepare (Most fires can be controlled)
  • High - Be ready to act (Fires can be dangerous – life and property may be at risk)
  • Extreme - Take action now to protect your life and property (Fires will spread quickly and be extremely dangerous)
  • Catastrophic - For your survival, leave bushfire risk areas (If a fire starts and takes hold lives are likely to be lost)
Fire Danger Ratings

Fire Danger Ratings will be issued on days when there is a fire risk.

Total Fire Bans will typically be declared at Extreme and above.

In accordance with the new Fire Danger Ratings, The Ranges Learning Centre will be closed on days rated Catastrophic only. In the event that the learning centre must close due to a catastrophic fire warning, all lessons will be credited to the following term or refunded at the end of the term.

If you decide not to attend a lesson on an Extreme fire rating day, then every attempt will be made to find a make up lesson on another day. This may be reviewed on the day itself. For example, in the event that there is an extreme fire rating but the area around the learning centre becomes particularly dry and windy, we may decide to close the centre. If this happens, all lessons will be credited or refunded as appropriate.

By enrolling at The Range LC you are agreeing to this Bushfire Policy.

Drop off and pick up policy

Should you and your child arrive early for their lesson, then it is expected that you will wait quietly in the waiting area. Please wait until your teacher indicates that they are ready for the lesson. If you intend to leave the centre while your child has their lesson, then please make sure that you tell your child that you are leaving.

All students must be collected from a parent or carer inside the learning centre. When you collect your child at the end of their lesson, please make sure that their teacher is aware that you are taking them home. Do not arrange for your child to meet you outside or at your car. We are responsible for the care of your children and therefore must be aware of who they go home with.

Once a child steps outside of the learning centre, they are no longer in our care and are not our responsibility. Please ensure that your child is made aware of this and that they must wait in the waiting area to be collected.

If you are running late, or you know in advance that your child will need to wait in the waiting area for some time after their lesson, please discuss with them the importance of remaining quiet and not wandering around the learning centre or going outside.

By enrolling at The Range LC you are agreeing to this Drop off and pick up policy.
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